The Physics of the Human Body

Physics is the study of natural phenomena. Through direct observation, a formalism is established which seeks to provide a self-consistent framework for the interpretation of human experience. As the powers of observation evolve, features are uncovered which cannot be adequately explained and thus the framework must be expanded to encompass what is, in essence, a new reality. The methodology of Physics recognizes that this will always be the case and as such embodies an evolutionary perspective. An understanding of physical principles is inherent to all of us on an intuitive level, enabling survival in our physical world. Understanding these principles on an intellectual level can help provide insight to discovering our true nature. By obtaining such basic knowledge, the workings of the human body in Earth's gravity can be understood.

The disciplines of Yoga and Martial Arts seek to constantly refine our relationship with the physical world. Utilizing basic intellectual understanding as a tool to deepen our experience of these practices provides a means for conscious evolution faithful to the 360 million year old legacy of life on the surface of the Earth, this might be termed the "Evolutionary Imperative".

An ongoing series of presentations entitled "The Physics of the Human Body" applies Newton's laws specifically to Yoga Asana in an effort to forge a greater understanding, from a Western point of view, of this ancient discipline. The connection of perception with intellect can bring insight to a daily practice and help us realize the true intent of the endeavor.

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